An Overview of the Group

The B2C Networking Group is a group of local business owners and professionals who exchange business leads each week between its members.

Our group has a unique community-minded focus while supporting the businesses represented in our group in the Georgetown and surrounding areas.

We are one of the largest networking groups in the Georgetown area.
Our B2C referral partners come together in a structured format each week to encourage the exchange of qualified business between our members.

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Community Involvement

If there’s a community event in Georgetown you can be assured that many if not all of our members will be there supporting it.

Along with community events, B2C works closely with local charities donating hours of our time along with thousands of dollars each year. We are proud to be such a large part of the Georgetown community.

Meeting Location/Agenda

We meet at the Norval United Church 14015 Danby Rd, Georgetown, ON, every Wednesday morning from 7:00 am to 8:30 am. While we enjoy the scenic view of the golf course we are greeted with a hot buffet with a variety of breads and fruit accompanied with coffee, tea and juice.

Come and join us for a free breakfast! We’re so confidant that you will want to join this great group that we offer the first breakfast for FREE. It’s on us!

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Member Benefits

There are countless benefits to joining B2C starting with increasing your business prospects. You’ll substantially increase your business through referrals and support from the group.

Growing your business is of course the reason you might want to join a referral based networking group like this but here at B2C we focus as much on giving back to the community as we do each other. Unlike other networking groups that charge exorbitant fees to cover “training and salaries at head office” we support our members on a daily basis while charging much less than most groups charge and we still give thousands every year to local charities!

Group History

One of the unique features of a small community is the ability to see how small gestures can have a big impact. Founded in 2012, a group of local people came up with the idea of combining our desire to assist each other in referring businesses while at the same time ensuring that local charities also benefit.Our group has grown and as a result, many causes have benefited from our initiatives. Growth has also ensured that referrals are key to our weekly goals.

Initially, we held raffle draws each week within our group. Soon after, we began to reach out to the community of Halton Hills through events and fundraisers. Over the past decade, over $100,000.00 has been raised and donated to those most deserving in Halton Hills.

Success can be measured by how successful your business is; but it should also be tallied by how those most vulnerable in our midst are treated. B2C strives each week to succeed with a smile on our face and a warm heart. Gaining through Giving!