Question:  I just separated from my spouse.  I want to hire a lawyer.  I have heard about unbundles services. What are those?

Answer:   When someone hires a lawyer for a family law matter, they typically fully retain the lawyer.  That means the lawyer will do everything necessary with the matter, including going to court as the person’s lawyer.  With unbundles services, the lawyer is being asked to do specific tasks. For instance, the lawyer might draft court documents, or consult on a legal issue, or conduct legal research and give a legal opinion.  If the lawyer goes to court in an unbundled service arrangement, the lawyer is going as agent, not as the client’s lawyer.  The benefit of unbundled services is that it can save costs, and the client maintains more control over the matter.  However, the client is also having to do more of the work in what can be a complicated, intense process they are not familiar with.  If you do retain a lawyer for unbundled services, make sure you have a detailed retainer agreement defining the relationship, so it is clear what the lawyer is doing and not doing. Lockyer + Hein LLP is a full service law firm that does a lot of family law.  We are happy to meet you for a free consultation at one of our three offices, including 8 Guelph Street, Georgetown, in the Lounsbury Life & Group Insurance Benefits building.