Question:   I am thinking about separating from my spouse.  What can I do to prepare for that?


Answer:  Separation is a significant event, emotionally and financially.  It is a really good idea to be prepared if you can be.  Here are a few points that may be of assistance:

  1. Contact a family lawyer to find out in advance your rights and obligations.  (We offer a free consultation for that.)
  2. Get your emotional supports in order, whether friends or family or others you rely upon.
  3. Besides a lawyer, seek out advice from your other professional supports, including your accountant, banker and/or financial advisor.
  4. Track down all of your financial documentation relating to your income, assets and liabilities, insurance, even daily costs.
  5. Find your will and power(s) of attorney if you have those.
  6. Try to have an overall plan in place, which plan may be made with the help of the items above.

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