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Member: Diane Nelson | Principal

Company: The Achievement Centre
Category: Business Coach
Phone: 519.993.7152
Website: www.tacresults.com
Email: dnelson@tacresults.com
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Diane is a certified facilitator and coach with 30 years in the charitable sector. As CEO of three organizations (one regional, one national and one international), Diane became an expertise in building diverse teams and developing emerging leaders. Diane is adept at recognizing people’s strengths and building upon them. Her leadership style is to lead from behind thereby supporting and guiding others to develop their unique leadership style. Diane has worked extensively with First Nations people and new Canadians of several cultural backgrounds. She has coached accountants, lawyers, event planners, entrepreneurs and business owners as well as CEO’s in the health and social service sector. Diane coaches other coaches and facilitates a Mastermind group.
Throughout her career in the service sector, Diane also owned and operated three distinct businesses. In each of these businesses she managed the hiring, orientation and supervision of staff.
Among the many benefits of retaining a coach, Diane challenges her clients to be very clear about their business and professional goals and keeps theme focused and determined to do what it takes to accomplish them. If you want to achieve your goals, Diane will work with you until you achieve them.
Achieving Success In People.
Diane is a Certified Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Coach. C-IQ is an integration of neuroscience and coaching tools to support people in understanding how to achieve success by building strong relationships through effective communication. Clients learn to listen in a way that they connect with others and that others want to listen to them.
Certified Facilitator of the Results-Centred Leadership program. She works with people who are ready to up their game to get better results and more accomplished.


Founded in 1984, The Achievement Centre (TAC) provides professional development programs, coaching, and strategic planning to large and small companies throughout the world. TAC developed a reputation for delivering results by focusing on the people side of business. We work primarily through referrals and with long term clients. Today, we continue to provide a professional development and transformational experience where clients need us most – bringing out the potential in their people.

Through our own success, we are expanding our network by attracting the best Principals and Associates throughout Canada, and around the world.