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Q: I have a motion in family court coming up.  How should I present my case?


A:  As a result of COVID-19, the Courts were “closed” to normal proceedings in mid-March.  The Courts have, however, dealt with a number of urgent matters, and there have been a number of written decisions about those matters.  During this unusual time, filing of court materials is done electronically, and hearings are heard via Zoom videoconferencing.  With this format, the Court is especially interested in maintaining efficiency and manageability.  A consistent message communicated by the Court from the decisions we have seen is that court materials must (still) comply with the rules of the Court and evidence. Moreover, it is very important that materials filed are clear, concise, and relevant. The “KISS” principle certainly applies as Judges do not want to have to sift through volumes of information that is petty, irrelevant and scandalous – they did not really like that before.  Consider: What your case is about? What do you have to prove? And how can you make your points in an informative and efficient manner that does not wade into inflammatory rhetoric that can sometimes permeate family law court filings. Keep it short, to the point, and take the high road whenever possible.  We are happy to meet you for a free consultation about your matter at one of our three offices, including 8 Guelph Street, Georgetown, in the Lounsbury Life & Group Insurance Benefits building.