Ask The Professional April 2021

  Q:  I am separated.  We have a family dog.  Who gets the dog?   A:  This is a very sensitive issue for sure.   There are basically two approaches taken to determine the ownership of pets. The more traditional and narrow approach turns on who paid for the dog at [...]

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Ask A Professional February 2021

  Q:  If I am cohabiting with someone, does that entitle me to spousal support?   A:  The issue of “cohabitation" has recently been examined in the courts, particularly what is referred to as the “low water mark” to disprove cohabitation.   The “high water mark” has received a lot more [...]

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Ask The Professional August 2020

I am separated, and I am being asked to provide financial disclosure.  Do I have to?   One of the fundamental tenets  of family law is financial disclosure.  There is a certain level of basic disclosure all parties should be making: a sworn financial statement; the last 3 years income [...]

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How COVID-19 Has Changed How You Market Your Business

As the world continues to respond to the evolving COVID-19 situation, many business owners and marketers are finding that their business marketing landscape has changed. While some of these changes will revert to the way things were pre-COVID, marketers should expect that many are here to stay. To rebuild their [...]

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Ask The Professional April 2020

Q:  What impact does COVID-19 have on parenting children for separated parents?   A: This is a very important question given the health concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the concerns about what’s most precious, your children.  The courts have responded to a number of cases that have come before it on [...]

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KEEP CALM and Market On: Four Ways (+1 Bonus!) You Can Work on Your Marketing During COVID-19

For many, the last week has been a whirlwind ride of shock and disbelief as Canada and many other countries have imposed restriction after restriction to stop the spread of Coronavirus. The end of times? Hardly. A really crappy time for many businesses? Absolutely. But crappy times aside, many business [...]

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