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Q:  I just entered the family law court system, and I have a case conference coming up. What can I expect?


A:  The case conference is generally the first step in a family law matter after the pleadings are complete.  It will be before a judge.  Both parties attend with their lawyer if they have counsel.  Currently, conferences are being conducted via Zoom. It is confidential and without prejudice.  Anything filed in support of, or said during the conference cannot be used in the litigation; this is to foster full settlement discussions.  Before the conference, you (or your lawyer) will serve and file a brief, setting out what it is you are looking for and an overview of the facts supporting your position.  The judge will give her/his views of the case, in the hopes that the parties will seriously consider the opinion to help them make decisions to settle the case. The judge may have been your trial judge, so it is important to consider her/his views.  Good luck, and get it settled!  We do a lot of family/divorce law, with offices in Georgetown, Brampton and Caledon East.  In light of COVID-19, we are doing most everything virtually. So we are happy to have a Zoom meeting or a telephone call without charge to you to see if we can assist you.  Have a great weekend.