We were fortunate enough this morning to be the Featured Presenter for the Georgetown B2C group. Georgetown B2C is a referral networking group that meets weekly at the Georgetown Golf Club to learn more about each others’ businesses and pass quality business referrals.

Georgetown B2C :: Growing B2C Together


Georgetown B2C: Business 2 Community

Different from other for-profit referral networking groups, B2C has strong ties to the local Georgetown community. Group members support many local charities including Classics Against Cancer, Georgetown Rib & Craft Beer Festival and the Georgetown Hospital Foundation. The group regularly donates proceeds collected from membership dues to charities including Food 4 Kids and Halton Learning Centre.


Helping Georgetown B2C Grow

As newer members to the group, we wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the group and showcase exactly what we do at Sparkitects.

The group website, built by a previous member, was not being maintained so needed updating. Working in collaboration with the group’s leadership team, we set about to redesign the website with a fresh new look and current information about the group.

We launched the new website on December 17 and presented an initial plan to help market the group. You can download our full presentation deck here, but here are the key points we presented:

  • Better marketing could help provide better member value by bringing in new members and increasing the number of referrals passed between members.
  • Better marketing could help the group generate more charity support by increasing awareness for the charities they support and raising more donations within the group.
  • While the website could be an important part of the group’s marketing platform, it isn’t enough on its own and the members would need to work together to create group visibility.
  • Sparkitects would manage the group’s social media channels, regularly posting about upcoming presenters, community events and featured members.
  • We encouraged the group to connect with each other’s businesses on whatever social media channels they were active on.
  • By liking, commenting on and sharing each other’s social media content they could raise awareness about the group to potentially attract new members, and could raise awareness about each other’s businesses to create referral opportunities.


Sparkitects :: Download Our Georgetown B2C Presentation Slidedeck
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Sparkitects: Intentionally Good Marketing

We concluded the presentation by describing the marketing services that Sparkitects offers, but also identified the value of how we help business owners grow their businesses through intentionally good marketing:

  • Specific Goal Setting – we identified adding new members to increase member value and charity donations.
  • Strategic Marketing – we gave the group some simple strategies to raise awareness for the group and its members.
  • Professional Marketing Services – Sparkitects will keep the website current and manage the group’s social media channels. We’ll also support the members as they take to social media to promote each other.
  • Measured Results – we’ll keep an eye on all the usual performance metrics but know we’re doing a good job as new members join the group!


How Are You Going to Grow Your Business in 2020?

January 1 is a common time when business owners wake up and imagine a New Year filled with business growth and success. While it’s not quite 2020 yet, have you thought about how you’re going to grow your business?

If you’re looking for a marketing partner to create some strategic marketing campaigns to help grow your business, give us a call! If you’re in the Georgetown area and are looking to grow your business through referrals, check out Georgetown B2C!